Family group raises funds for charity

A group comprising two sisters and their partners took part in a special run for charity recently.

Fiona Paterson, along with her husband Kenny, her sister Mhairi Wilson and Mhairi’s partner Andrew Blackhall, all of whom are keen runners, decided to take part in the Legends of Sherwood night run in Sherwood Forrest.

The group took part took part to raise funds and awareness for The Pulmanory Fibrosis Trust, as their friend, Mintlaw man Steven Chalmers, suffers from Pulmanory Fibrosis.

Fiona, Kenny, Mhairi and Andrew are no strangers to adventure running, having taken part in one of the Ratrace Notorious Night Runs last year. They then decided to sign up for the Legends of Sherwood, a night run of over six miles, which included added obstacles, mud pits, water, cargo nets, thick smoke, rope climbing and of course darkness. All four donned Robin Hood attire, armed with only head torches to light their way.

Commenting, Fiona said: “Steven is such an inspiration and is so passionate about his cause we thought as well as helping raise awareness of the condition, we could also try to raise some money for the charity. Mainly via our facebook profiles we have hopefully made people aware of the condition.

“Fit and healthy folks take breathing for granted and runners know how breathing can affect your comfort and performance while running. However, people with Idiopathic Pulmanory Fibrosis struggle with each breath they take, every minute of every day and every breathe is precious.

“We are fit and healthy and were in a position to help Steven promote awareness. Our struggle in the race was nothing compared to his every day struggle and the affect it has on the whole family on a daily basis. We were all just so happy to help in any way possible.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the run, we really did have an adventure and we are so delighted that so far we have raised over £650. Donations via our BT donate online page are still being accepted until June 2 at the following link:

“If anyone would like to donate it would be very much appreciated.”

Once the donation page closes the Pulmanory Fibrosis Trust have their own donation page available at