Family set to raise funds for Tommy

Zachery (10), Phoebe (4), Angela, Coby on dad Paul's lap, then Joel (5) on the end
Zachery (10), Phoebe (4), Angela, Coby on dad Paul's lap, then Joel (5) on the end
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A New Aberdour family are putting out a call for volunteers and stall holders to come and support a fantastic fundraising fun day with car boot sale that they are organising in order to raise funds for Tommy’s Baby Charity.

Mum, Angela Cates (31), has organised the event to raise funds for and awareness of the help available to parents who have premature babies through Tommy’s baby charity.

Angela explained that Tommy’s was invaluable to her family when they tragically lost their twin boys six years ago.

She said: “I gave birth to twin boys at a gestation of just 23 weeks and five days. The doctor at the time told me that babies born before 24 weeks are not viable, and that my sons had no chance of life, so his decision was to allow them to stop breathing and pass away in the arms of my husband, my mother and I.

“We knew nothing about the possible help and outcome for babies born so prematurely, so when he told us he had no choice, we believed him.

“We have since learned through Tommy’s and elsewhere, that babies born at 23 weeks, whose likelihood of survival is just 20-25%, with the right intensive care can survive, and go on to lead a healthy life.

“My twins were very healthy weights considering the gestation of under 24 weeks. Amos was about 1lb 8 oz, and Abel weighed approx 1lb 4oz, the average weight of a baby born at 23 weeks is less than 1lb 2oz and the average weight at 24 weeks is about 1lb 4oz.

“After the loss of our beloved baby boys, we were left empty and lost, with so many questions, why? how? will it happen again? can I safely get pregnant again? was it something I did? how can I protect any future pregnancies? Was there something wrong with me that I could not have a healthy pregnancy and baby?

“This was my second pregnancy, my firstborn son, Zachery was also premature, but only by fiveweeks.

“Tommy’s the baby charity was invaluable to us offering support and advice when we needed it most. The charity exists to save babies lives by funding research and providing information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

“Our family would like to help support Tommy’s in the hope that less parents have to suffer the grief of losing a precious loved one before they’ve even had a chance at life.

“I also want expectant parents to have the knowledge we lacked! If we had known then what we do now, we would have sought a second opinion, and found a doctor willing to help our boys, who were otherwise healthy as the autopsy proved their organs were all fully developed and healthy, they died of lack of oxygen.

“Our story does have a happy ending in that we have since gone on and had a further three children but that does not mean we don’t miss Amos and Abel, the pain we feel for their loss is still very raw.”

The fundraising fun day will take place on Saturday July 2, from 1.30pm until 3.30pm at New Aberdour Village Hall and will have a bouncy castle, Bicocchi’s icecream, games and prizes that have been donated by local businesses, in addition to an indoor carboot sale. Entry is free.

For more information or to book a table for £10, or volunteer to help in any way on the day, or to donate items, please contact: Angela on: 01346 561488 or mobile: 07787448501. Or look up the page on Facebook, just search for “tommys fundraiser new aberdour.