Fans show support for Fraserburgh FC

Martin Buchan with his FFC decorations
Martin Buchan with his FFC decorations

A number of houses and local businesses in Fraserburgh have been kitted out in black and white in support of the Broch's match with Rangers tonight.

Former Fraserburgh FC player Martin Buchan has had decorations outside his home since the first match was called off.

Martin said: "I decided to do it because there is a huge hype for the game, I just thought we should do something to show our support.

"This is a good street and we've had lots of people passing and stopping to take a photo, there has been a lot of interest in it."

As for the match itself Martin said: "I'm obviously rooting for Fraserburgh to win but hopefully they'll get a good result, at least a tie would be good."

Martin played for the Broch back in the 70s and was involved with the Boys Club for a number of years.