Farmfoods robbed - again!

Farmfoods in Fraserburgh.
Farmfoods in Fraserburgh.

Shoppers at Farmfoods today were left in shock as a man launched a bold attempt to rob the store in broad daylight, the second time this week that the store has been robbed.

The man, who was said to be wearing a hooded top and glasses allegedly approached a female member of staff at a till and told her, twice, to give him the money in the till at around 3:20pm.

“He got the money and ran away,” said a shopper of the store on Wednesday afternoon, minutes after the man had made away with the money.

The shopper said that the man appeared to have some sort of object in his jacket, commenting that it may have been a screwdriver.

A man allegedly ran after the thief, chasing him down a nearby lane.

Farmfoods was immediately locked following the incident.

An employee of a nearby business told the Fraserburgh Herald: “We saw the commotion. When we saw it, we locked our back door.

“I’m really concerned about the situation.”

Another nearby store worker said: “We were robbed in the summer. It’s very scary.

“To do this twice, in broad daylight, in the same week is shocking.”

“It’s not good for something like this to happen so close to your work,” we were told by a third store’s employee.

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