Fire report at meeting

Banff and Buchan councillors this week heard from the Aberdeenshire commander for Scotland’s Fire and Rescue Service regarding localised plans to help deliver preventative measures to deal with issues such as wilful fire raising as part of a report on the service.

Gary Burnett told them that consultations were still in progress as to determine how the performance of the service would be delivered.

“It is all about making sure we identify risks,” he said.

“We need our partners on board and the local authority is no different to that,” he added, revealing that the local station manager will attend local community planning groups.

Councillor Brian Topping said: “In Fraserburgh, there was quite a problem with deliberate fireraising. I think working in partnership to reduce that would be even better. I think there should be a special ‘blue light’ committee - it’s far too important to be tacked-on.”

Fellow councillor Charles Buchan queried if primary education regarding fire safety would continue, to which Mr Burnett confirmed was implied within the report.

Mr Burnett was also asked if the local station managers would be willing to attend community council meetings, not unlike those representatives from Police Scotland.

Mr Burnett confirmed it is something that they would be happy to pursue.