First summer race for Broch club members

A TOTAL of 19 runners turned out recently for the first Summer Race, running over a new 5.07 miles course.

Best run for the men came from Andrew West who is getting back to his best form.

Elaine Whyte had the best run for the ladies and also had the best scratch time, with Charlie Noble having the best Scratch time for the men.

Jennifer Thomson, Scott Skinner and Billy McBeath were all racing for the first time and they all had good times.

Handicap: 1.Andrew West 47:18 2. Elaine Whyte 47:35 3. Graeme Clark 47:45 4. Billy McBeath and Stephen Buchan (St Combs) 47:46 5. Stephen Milne 48:09 6. Steven Buchan 48:14 7. Scott Gibb 48:19 8. Sandra Milne 48:22 9. Charlie Noble 49:06 10. Carol Massie 49:22

Ladies Scratch: Elaine Whyte 32:40; Carol Massie 37:37; Jayne Watt 38:53

Mens Scratch: Charlie Noble 32:40; Stephen Milne 33:09; Malcolm Sinclair 33:18