FISSH donates artwork to local community groups

Doreen Mair (centre) with Debbie Cooper and Jacqueline Watt from the Moonlight Prowl.
Doreen Mair (centre) with Debbie Cooper and Jacqueline Watt from the Moonlight Prowl.

Fund-raising organisation FISSH has donated pieces of artwork to a number of local community groups.

The works of art were created by artist Carn Standing during the development of Fraserburgh’s swimming pool and community facility.

Now that the pool and sports centre is complete, FISSH decided to return the works to the community groups, allow them to raise funds if they wish.

FISSH chairperson Doreen Mair presented four groups with artwork at the swimming pool recently. They were: the Fraserburgh Lifeboat, the Heritage Centre, Invercairn Gala Committee and the Moonlight Prowl.

On the same day, Invercairn Gala Committee presented FISSH with a fantastic donation of £1,000. Funds from the gala have already been spent on a rehabilitation bike, which is based at the swimming pool and will be fully operational by the end of April.

Separately, FISSH has also bought indoor curling equipment with some of the organisation’s general fund.

Commenting on the donation from the Invercairn Gala Committee, FISSH chairperson Doreen Mair said: “We applied to Invercairn at the start of the project and they said if we could think of a specific piece of equipment to put the money towards they would donate.

“So we identified the stoke bike as a good use of the funds.

“We’re very grateful to Invercairn Gala for their donation and we hope people will be able to improve their health by accessing it in their own time.”

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald about the donations of artwork from FISSH to community groups, Doreen Mair added: “The artwork was commissioned with public money and we wanted to give it back to the community so it could perhaps be used to raise money for other organisations.”