Flooding issue highlighted

St Andrews Primary School's flooded playground.
St Andrews Primary School's flooded playground.

A concerned parent of a child at St Andrews Primary School, Fraserburgh, has voiced their concern about a flooding issue in the school’s playground.

The parent, who did wish to be named, submitted a photograph to the Fraserburgh Herald of the flooding problem accompanied by a letter.

It reads: “. . . I, myself, think it is a severe safety issue towards children playing in the playground and needs to be resolved quickly before a pupil is injured . . .”

They added that the problem has been ongoing since before Christmas, 2012.

The Fraserburgh Herald contacted Aberdeenshire Council about the issues at the Fraserburgh primary school’s playground.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of property, Allan Whyte, said: “Water jetting has been carried out to clear the drains of a number of obstructions, and a camera survey organised to see if any additional remedial work is required.

“If further work is needed, it will be carried out at the earliest opportunity.”

Similar issues can be reported directly to Aberdeenshire Council through the ‘Have Your Say’ feature of their website at

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