Four Corners again hit by vandalism

Volunteers involved with the clean-up and renovation of the Four Corners, Fraserburgh, were left disappointed last weekend when it was discovered that an apparent blackening party had caused aesthetic damage to the sea-facing site.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 22nd March 2013, 10:08 am

The infamous landmark, which shares a stretch of coast with the Lighthouse Museum, has seen extensive renovation work in the past months, volunteers having replaced cement tiles and repainted the shelter after the site had fallen into a state of disrepair following years of neglect.

Since work began on the Four Corners, however, it has regularly been targeted by vandals who have spray painted and lit fires on and in the shelter itself.

Evidence of public drinking had also been combated with the erection of a visual ‘no-drinking’ sign opposite the shelter.

In recent months, there has also been calls from members of the public for greater police patrols and CCTV near the shelter.

Online, members of the public have discussed the alleged cause of the latest incident, a blackening - a traditional event where a groom is tarred and feathered in public ahead of his wedding, inviting those involved to clean up after themselves.

There had been calls from councillors in the past to erect an ‘official’ blackening pole in the town centre to cut down on damages.