Fraserburgh beach safety drive launched

Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.
Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.

A campaign for improved seaside safety has got under way after a rescue had to be made at Fraserburgh beach earlier this summer.

The rescue operation took place during the early part of the school holidays, when the lifeboat crew were called to assist two young people who got into difficulty at the North-east beach.

Twelve-year-old Scott MacLean and Isla Sim, 13, were rescued after a strong current pulled them out to sea.

Since then, Fraserburgh and District councillor Ian Tait has been playing a leading role to push for greater beach safety by surveying local residents for their suggestions. Councillor Tait has now passed on proposals to officers at Aberdeenshire Council.

The suggested safety measures include barrels being anchored to the seabed, warning signs and red flags, as well as promoting the Broch’s new swimming pool as a safer swimming destination.

There are also calls for beach safety to be reinforced more strongly in schools.

Teacher Claire Levett has also joined the campaign for beach safety, saying that she plans to set up a life-saving club at the beach.

The club will deliver sea swimming lessons in the run-up to and during the summer holidays, promote water safety and fitness and also train lifeguards in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere.

Commenting on Claire’s plans to set up the club, Councillor Tait said: “I will be giving her every help I can and I will be arranging a public meeting where Claire will explain what is intended for this exciting and valuable project.”

“We must minimise the dangers and educate those on how to do this,” he added.

If anyone would like to find out further information about the life-saving club, they can contact the club via the following email address: