Fraserburgh Development Trust involved in rejected pledge plans

FRASERBURGH Development Trust (FDT) have been named in three proposals put forward by Fraserburgh and district councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping at last week’s community council meeting.

The councillors had included the FDT in a proposal to see £10k of Aberdeenshire Council’s ‘100 Days Pledge’ money on a periodic Fraserburgh street market, as well as £100k spent on improving town centre parking facilities and £150k for beach improvements.

It was felt, the proposals suggest, that town centre traders “feel that a periodic street market will increase trade, and increased football spin-offs will benefit existing traders”.

Meanwhile, town centre parking improvements, providing better access via High Street and the public toilets behind Saltoun Square, would incorporate the undeveloped land to the West of the existing parking facility to provide more spaces.

“Some of the additional land required is already owned by the council. Users of the car park and toilets will not be forced to traverse a neglected part of the town. Older/ disabled people will have a shorter distance to walk to/ from their parked cars,” the proposal reads.

A spokesperson for the Fraserburgh Development Trust told the Fraserburgh Herald: “Our initial reaction is one of disappointment, but we do not have all the detailed information at present.

“Therefore, the Trust is hoping that more funding will be available for projects within the Fraserburgh and AB43 postcode area in the future.”

It was revealed on Monday night, at the Invercairn Community Council, that the projects would be looked at again with a view to develop local action plans for future developments.