Fraserburgh Golf Club in bid for two turbines

FRASERBURGH Golf Club, the seventh oldest club in the world, have this month submitted an application to Aberdeenshire Council planners for the erection of two 27.1 metre tall wind turbines.

The application was submitted on behalf of the golf club by Enviko (Scotland) Ltd.

If successful, the turbines would be placed at the right-hand side of the B9033, exiting Fraserburgh, on Rose Hill.

Available to view online at now, the application is accompanied by an environmental report by Enviko.

In it, the report notes that the only grade A listed building in the vicinity of the turbine proposals is Cairnbulg Castle which “is heavily surrounded by forestry which ensures the turbines will not be visible from any point on the grounds”.

Similarly, Enviko claim that neighbouring properties from the turbines are more than 342 metres away, and, therefore, should not experience shadow flicker from the turbines once operational.

However, the ‘zone of theoretical visibility’ detailed in the report to planners suggests that the turbines could be viewable from as far away as Crimond.

The report notes, though, that “the calculation is undertaken purely on contour data and does not take into account additional physical obstructions such as vegetation, buildings etc.”