Fraserburgh minister making more music

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As part of a seven-night tour of Britain, a local minister is making more music in Fraserburgh.

Readers of the Herald may remember that at the end of 2009, Stephen Brown released an album of self-written songs under the title “Freeloading Believer”.

Stephen will be performing some of the songs from that album, together with many of the new songs he has written since at a concert in the West Parish Church on Sunday, January 30 at 7.30pm.

Stephen gives – often amusing – introductions to the songs he sings. They are all intended to prompt a little thought and offer, in the end, another perspective for life.

The songs range from wistful longing, to walking wounded, to listening to rain on leaves, to living on the edge, to looking for spaces, to considering consequences.

The acoustic music is accompanied by backdrops of artwork produced by Stephen’s wife Jan – each of the songs from the album having its own image.

Stephen, who is the minister of Fraserburgh United Reformed Church, said: “I am delighted to get the chance to play these songs locally. They are not religious pieces, as such. People should not feel that they need to have church connections in order to come. The music is intended for all.”

The concert is free (with a max of £2 donations sought to offset the tour travel costs. Copies of the album will be available for sale.