Fraserburgh of yesteryear enjoyed by the Camera Club

Despite the snowy conditions mambers and partners celebrated the incoming year with their usual January Social night on Thurday January 6.

President Andrew West had prepared a short slide show that really held everyone’s attention and created some puzzlement. It was yesteryear Fraserburgh where previous well known buildings and houses had disappeared to make way for new or just become derelict.

It certainly caused much discussion while the goodies were enjoyed.

On Thursday January 20, Andrew will again be busy as it is “Champions Night” so we will be looking forward to another interesting evening.

On Thursday January 13, it was member Bill Noble who made the presentation. He had been a long time friend of the late Jack Pressley who was Vice President for many years. Jack’s son had been resident in America and mum and dad often holidayed there. Being a keen photographer Jack took every opportunity to record his visits - including golf courses!

When he passed away many of his slides went to Bill Noble and he was pleased that Club Members could share the enjoyment of viewing them.

From exterior to interior shots of large mansion houses, general city views, large ranging magnificient canyons, all taken in different light conditions and weather formats gave us a real flavour of American life. We look forward to more of Jack’s work.

On Thursday January 27, we go back to school with “DIGITAL IMAGING TUTORIAL” where Paul Woodburn passes on some of his expertise.