Fraserburgh’s new Lighthouse manager’s love for North-East

Lynday Mcguigan - The new manager of The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses
Lynday Mcguigan - The new manager of The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses
  • New manager appointed at Lighthouse
  • Lynda McGuigan previously worked for Historic Scotland
  • Lynda looking forward to working with community

The new manager of Fraserburgh’s Museum of Scottish Lighthouses spoke of her love for the history and culture of the North-East of Scotland last week.

Lynda McGuigan took over as manager of the museum at the end of December having previously worked for Historic Scotland in Perthshire.

I’m looking forward to interacting with the wider community

Lynda McGuigan

Lynda, who did her degree in Celtic Civilisation, says she is a lover of the history of Scotland, particularly the North-East.

“I love the North-East. I love bothy ballads, Pictish stones, the heritage and just the culture in general. That’s why I wanted to work in this area with heritage and culture.

“I used to go on holiday to Aberdeen when I was a child then as an adult I had my first visit to The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

“I was interested in the culture and significance of the lighthouse. They represent the end of an era, working as a lighthouse keeper wasn’t just a job, it was a way of life. “

Lynda, who was previously manager of Killdrumie Castle in Strathmore, says she is enjoying her new position and is looking forward to continuing in the role.

“I already love it. I’m looking forward to interacting with the wider community and we have recently brought in an access and education manager who starts this week and his job will be to work with the community.

“We welcome any interest from local community groups at this stage.”

Lynda also paid tribute to the uncommon nature of the Fraserburgh Lighthouse.

“Among lighthouses it is unique. It’s the only one in Scotland on top of a castle.”

The next event staged at the museum will be on the morning of the solar eclipse.

The North of Scotland is ideally placed to see a near-total (c.94%) solar eclipse on the morning of March 20, 2015.

The top of the lighthouse will provide an excellent view of the eclipse during the morning.

Tickets to see the solar eclipse from the museum cost £12. The price includes breakfast which will be served between 8.15 and 8.30 in Stevenson’s Tea Room.

Sales will be on a first come first served basis and numbers are limited to 36. Please book tickets by phoning the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses on 01346 511022. Please remember to bring suitable eye protection. These are available online, simply search for ‘solar eclipse glasses’.