Fraserburgh’s parking chaos: have your say!

Locals have this week spoken out about the parking situation in Fraserburgh, inconsiderate drivers failing to follow the rules of the road and parking in disabled bays and on double yellow lines.

Recently, the Fraserburgh Herald received a letter from a reader concerning the disabled bays in the town’s Broad Street, reporting of an incident where a business had parked one of their vans in the bay.

“There was no disabled badge on view as you would expect from a company vehicle,” the letter said, adding that the business could “give no explanation for the short-sightedness of the employee for parking their company vehicle in the disabled bay.”

Previously, the Fraserburgh Herald had reported on the potentially perilous parking situation at South Park Primary School, where, during the morning and afternoon rush to drop off and pick-up pupils, fellow youngsters were finding it difficult to cross the road safely.

A mother had written to the Fraserburgh Herald in January, saying: “I was walking along the pavement on Philorth Avenue towards South Park School with my son and daughter.

“My daughter heard the bell ringing and ran ahead towards the gate. It was at the same moment that a driver coming towards us could not pass a car going the opposite direction, so decided that instead of waiting he would immediately mount the pavement and drive on the pavement towards us, obviously not noticing that a 6-year-old child was on the pavement!

“There could have been children crossing the road towards the school.”

Previous reports the Fraserburgh Herald also revealed that Fraserburgh has only one traffic warden.

Responding to our question online, Trish Barclay wrote, regarding parking near Banff and Buchan College: “To be honest, I think the board should supply sufficient parking for their staff, students and visitors!

“Saying that, in the current climate, traffic is becoming heavier and I think we need to look at a better transport infrastructure before we go willy nilly looking at increasing parking spaces.”

Stuart Ritchie commented: “I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago and it puzzled me when I passed there (Argyle Road), why so many cars were parked on the road when there was plenty space in the college car park? I’m assuming they are students’ vehicles, since Westfield School has its own car park for teachers.

“The college spent millions on expansion, including increasing number of parking spaces, so maybe it’s just folk that don’t want to sit in a queue?”

“I park here (Argyle Road) most days I’m at college and my car is in this photo (above).

“I don’t like parking here as it is a tight squeeze for cars and I worry about damage to my own car.

“But the car parks are usually full by half-eight, and if you are not able to be there before that then you will have to park on the street. It’s not double yellow lines or single yellow, so it is legal.

“The college would be better making the grass where the portacabins were into more spaces. I’m sure the people who live behind the college in Lochpots Road would be happy of another carpark as that road is usually full of people parking for college, too,” wrote Amy Birnie.

Claire Buchan, meanwhile, suggested that people parking inconsiderately meant she was having to struggle getting both her child and shopping into her house.

“I stay on Argyl Road and it’s really frustrating to come back from shopping at Tesco with my one-year-old daughter and people from the college have parked right outside my house in the small lay-by which means I have to try and park further up the street and struggle with my shopping and daughter back home,” she wrote.

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