Funding for councils discussed

Banff and Buchan councillors met last week to discuss funding for community councils at the Banff and Buchan Area Committee.

Councillors were given a report from the chief executive of Aberdeenshire Council, Colin Mackenzie, which set out plans for how community councils in the area would be funded going forward into the 2013/14 financial year.

Councillors in attendance were asked by the chief executive in the report to approve the allocation of a fixed administration grant of £300 to all community councils within Banff and Buchan subject to the provision of independently examined financial statements, to approve the payment of £35 per community council to meet the cost of registration under the Data Protection Act, and to agree that the remaining sum of £3,358 be made available for project grant applications.

The report explained that “under the auspices of the ‘Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils’, Community Councils should be supported and empowered to raise funds for schemes, projects and other purposes within their stated objectives.

“It is therefore recommended that the remaining budget of £3,358 be set aside for Community Council project grants by contributing 80% towards the cost of a project, to a maximum of

The report added that this would enable the budget to be used responsively to “address the needs of communities and
maximises the use of scarce resources,” allowing Aberdeenshire Council to “work more closely with individuals and communities to understand their needs, maximise talents and resources, support self reliance, and build resilience.”

Banff and Buchan councillors chose to approve the recommendations of the chief executive, agreeing to the recommendations for the financial year

A budget of £57,000 had been agreed for community councils within Aberdeenshire.