Funds needed for Broch Christmas tree

Fraserburgh town centre.
Fraserburgh town centre.

A new organisation needs to raise over £1,500 pounds to make sure Christmas comes to the Broch this festive season .

Mother and daughter duo Carolyn and Emma-Jayne May have set up Oor Braw Broch to guarantee Fraserburgh will have a Christmas tree this December - and maybe Christmas lights too.

Carolyn said: “The money we’re looking for at the moment is £1,500 to get the Christmas tree up.”

She added: “If we can get a tree up then there’s a focal point for Christmas which is a boost.”

The pair would need to raise a further £1,000 for a total £2,500 to get the Christmas lights up as well and would appreciate all the help they can get.

Carolyn said: “It’s just the two of us at the moment but we’re trying to recruit new members.

Oor Braw Broch has so far raised £800 from 5p carrier bag collections and the a donation by Fraserburgh Community Church from their sale of Fraserburgers at Super Saturday.

Continuing to raise funds through 5p bag collections Carolyn and Emma Jayne are also setting up an Oor Braw Broch justgiving page.

The site, which will be active next week, will allow people to help bring Christmas to Fraserburgh this year.