Further winter road safety checks for police

Grampian Police have carried out further winter road safety and vehicle safety campaigns with motorists around the Aberdeen International Airport area.

Operation Ashridge was carried out during the week commencing Monday, January 21.

Winter driving advice was given to motorists on Wellheads Drive and Dyce Drive.

Additionally throughout January and during the campaign, security advice was given to motorists after a number of cars at the airport were found to have valuables left on display.

In total, 68 vehicles were stopped and checked with some minor offences detected. However, instead of drivers being charged or fined, officers preferred to give out simple road safety advice which was accepted by the majority of drivers who were stopped.

Inspector Kevin Wallace said: “As another band of snowy and icy conditions arrives in the North-East, it is important that motorists adjust their speed to the conditions of the road and allow extra time for their journeys, as well as being prepared with items such as a blanket, torch and bottled water in case of emergency. It was disappointing, despite previous warnings, to find vehicles with valuables on open display. Drivers should remember to always lock valuables away and not leave them in clear view.”