Game of Thrones star visits the Broch

Cheers senior barman Craig Gerrard with Mark Stanley
Cheers senior barman Craig Gerrard with Mark Stanley

A star from the scintillating Game of Thrones series has been picking up Doric during a visit to Fraserburgh.

And Mark Stanley, who played the ranger Grenn in the hit HBO series, enjoyed a spell in Cheers bar.

Since leaving the show back in 2014, Mark has continued his acting career with several other projects.

But his latest outing has taken him to Fraserburgh, where he plays a leading role in ‘Born To Run’ - filming for which begins shortly.

The film follows the tale of a father who takes his teenage son’s souped-up car on joy rides around Aberdeenshire as part of the boy-racer subculture.

During his visit to the Broch, Mark popped into the Cheers Cafe Bar and Tavern on the port’s Broad Street where he met fan and senior barman Craig Gerrard.

Cheers owner Dennis Forsyth said staff were shocked by the high profile visit and were looking forward to him coming back during his Broch stay.

He said: “They’re doing a film about car racing in Fraserburgh, and we had a couple of approaches from the firm looking for extras.

“But it was a surprise to see him.”