Gearing up for annual Invercairn Gala fun

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the first week in August is quickly creeping up on us, which means it’s time for the annual Invercairn Gala, and already the excitement in the villages is being felt.

People’s holiday requests have been in for months, boats are hoping their skippers delay their sailings, babysitters are being organised, bingo dabbers are coming out of the closet, fancy dress costumes are being started, talent (and talent-less) show acts are being practised, and some extremely sad individuals are reading quiz books!

The May storm caused extensive damage

The May storm caused extensive damage

The rain dance classes are also about to commence next week, to see if we can get weather anywhere near that of 2010.

A spokesperson for the organisers told the Herald: “Last year we managed to plough almost £7,000 back into the local communities from our profits raised. This is slightly down on normal as for 2011 we had a big project planned, to replace our ageing temporary containers which held all our gala week hardware.

“The new building is almost finished and should be 99% ready for the gala. It hasn’t come without its challenges, however, as the high wind storms in May put us back several weeks after the roof and two walls were knocked down.

“But thanks to the hard work of those involved with the building works, they have seen through the tempest and got us back on track.

“With our annual occasional licence application hopefully going through without too many challenges and all bookings finally confirmed, a full breakdown will be given in follow up just prior to Gala, we are quietly confident of our progress made to-date.

“Even as a voluntary organisation, after 11 years we should be getting good at it by now, but there is always something else to remember.”

Look out for the follow up story later in July, where everyone can see what to expect at the Invercairn Gala this year.