Get your running shoes on for Olivia!

Olivia Downie
Olivia Downie
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The Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance is appealing for runners to take part in the British 10k London Run, which takes place on Sunday July 10.

The Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, which was until recently known as the 2Simple Trust, helps children and families affected by neuroblastoma by providing financial assistance for children’s treatment.

Olivia Downie (6), from Fraserburgh, suffers from neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. Her parents Lauren and Steven are trying to raise money to help pay for her treatment and to fund clinical research into the condition.

The charity still has nine places left for the British 10k London Run on Sunday July 10. The race goes through the heart of London, passing many iconic sights including St James’s Palace, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Over 25,000 runners including top athletes and celebrity runners took part in last year’s race, with approximately 40,000 spectators lining the course.

“It would be great if you could take part and raise money to help pay for Olivia’s treatment,” said Lauren and Steven.

Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer diagnosed in the first year of life. It accounts for around 15 percent of cancer deaths in children. Around 100 children are diagnosed every year in the UK.

Children with advanced neuroblastoma can receive chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, stem cell transplant, and immunotherapy.

Specialists in America and Europe are trialling new treatments, but if children do not meet the criteria for participation in these trials, they have to pay for their own treatment abroad.

For more information about the British 10k London Run or to take part, please contact Alison Moy, Chief Executive of the Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, on 020 8203 0100 or