Getting in the swing with ‘In the Mix’


Budding DJs from popular club ‘In the Mix’ proved a hit in St Combs recently, when the group took its equipment out into the community for the first time.

Running the senior and junior discos for the pupils of St Combs Primary School, the group members, who are all first or second year pupils at Fraserburgh Academy, took responsibility for setting up the disco equipment and ensuring that all the primary school pupils had a memorable evening.



Speaking to the Herald, head teacher Robert Watt said: “They were great. They brought in and set up professional disco equipment and really ‘got into the swing’ for both age groups.

“They took charge of the whole event and made sure that the children had the best disco experience yet.

“They organised games and dancing and because they were younger they seemed to instinctively know what the children would enjoy.”

Community learning and development worker, Lada Copice added: “This was a great experience for the members of In the Mix and we would like to thank St Combs School for this fantastic opportunity and the donation they made to the club.

“The group has run discos at the community centre but this was the first time they had taken the equipment out into the community to run an event.

“The members had to think on their feet, ensuring that the music and games were appropriate for each age group and that the audience enjoyed the evening an engaged with the activities going on.”

Following the success of the school disco, In the Mix are planning more events in the future and will utilise the funds donated to purchase more equipment for community use.

In the Mix meet at Fraserburgh Community Centre every Tuesday evening between 5 pm and 8 pm. For more information contact the community centre on 01346 518788.