Gibb family donates to Heritage Centre

Bill Gibb's mother hands over a cheque to the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.
Bill Gibb's mother hands over a cheque to the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.

The family of Bill Gibb have made a donation to Fraserburgh’s Heritage Centre this week, praising the attraction for keeping the designer’s legacy alive.

Bill Gibb, who had been schooled in Fraserburgh, was a well respected fashion designer in the 1970s and 80s, creating pieces for the celebrities and private buyers.

Today, a dedicated display to the talented Bill Gibb is on view at the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre, with several of his designs and creations - as well as a portrait created by Tyrie Primary School students of Bill - viewable by visitors to the tourist attraction.

On Tuesday, October 22, Bill’s mother and one of his sisters, Patsy, attended the Heritage Centre to hand over a donation generated by the sale of a gift given to the late Bill Gibb by the singer Steve Harley.

Mr Harley had auctioned the gift, a silver disc of his album “Love’s A Prima Donna” on his own website, the sale seeing £888 gifted to the Heritage Centre.

The disc itself was sold with a written note given to Bill in 1978 by Mr Harley, which read: “If clothes maketh the man, Bill Gibb helped to make me.”

Patsy told us: “I thought it would be nice for my mum to hand over the cheque.”

On the exhibition to Bill, she said: “I think it’s excellent,” adding her appreciation for the Heritage Centre keeping the memory of the famous designer alive.

The Gibb family have previously donated a trophy to Fraserburgh Academy for the Bill Gibb award, given to a student in the art department annually.

A spokesperson for the Heritage Centre added that the “Fraserburgh Heritage Society Ltd are extremely grateful for the continued support and generosity of the Gibb family.”