Glover scholarship awarded

Giancarlo Bell.
Giancarlo Bell.

A scholarship sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management has been awarded to a Scottish student set to follow in the footsteps of Fraserburgh born Scotish Samurai Thomas Blake Glover.

The annual scholarship, which was initiated by the Japan Society of Scotland, allows a Scottish student the chance to visit Japan to study the language, culture and tradition.

Giancarlo Bell (18), a first year medical student from Glasgow, has been awarded the six-week scholarship at the International Christian University, Tokyo, which will begin in July.

Giancarlo said: “I am thrilled to have been granted this opportunity to study in Japan. As a medical student, I am very interested in how Japan, as one of the healthiest and most health-conscious nations in the world, maintains its healthcare systems. In the future, I hope to gain employment in Japan’s medical sector, and the Thomas Blake Glover Aberdeen Asset Scholarship can provide me with an insight into the language and culture which will help me further my dream.

“I also have a huge interest in the country itself and I have been fascinated with anime and manga since I was a child. I’m very interested in Japanese literature, digital media, graphic art and music. Japan is such a culturally exciting country and is always at the forefront of new thinking. I’m really excited about experiencing their culture first hand.”

Giancarlo will be invited to experience all aspects of Japanese culture during his trip, by attending language classes, as well as taking part in traditional drumming and tea ceremonies.

Martin Gilbert, chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management, commented: “Giancarlo was the perfect candidate to be awarded the Scholarship as he has a keen interest in Japan’s approach to medicine and this opportunity can assist him in furthering his career in healthcare. At Aberdeen Asset Management we are proud to support initiatives which give dedicated, enthusiastic Scots an opportunity to advance their professional careers.”

Chairman of the Japan Society of Scotland, Professor Stuart Picken, says, “The Thomas Blake Glover Aberdeen Asset Scholarship allows students to travel to Japan to study the language and culture, which is an excellent opportunity for those hoping to establish careers in Japan.

“It is wonderful to see the scholarship has been awarded to someone who is so young with such high aspirations. The scholarship has proven that Japan’s culture, science and industry continue to inspire young people and the hope is that the scholarship will further strengthen Scotland’s links with Japan.”