Glowing report for for Busy b’s Nursery

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‘Link-Up for Busy b’s Nursery’ in Fraserburgh has received a glowing report following its latest inspection from the Care Commission with an overall Grade of ‘5’ - Very Good.

The service was registered in June 2004 to provide care to a maximum of 28 children aged betweensix months and five years. The service is provided for students of Banff and Buchan College. The nursery is purpose built and is situated in the grounds of the college.

Overall the report found the nursery to be “A calm and encouraging atmosphere where children have a chance to make friends and to take part in a wide variety of activities.”

Busy b’s were particularly praised, receiving a grade of ‘6’ - Excellent for taking the views of those using the service into account when assessing and improving the quality of the care and support in the nursery.

Throughout the day the children are given many opportunities to make their own decisions from deciding which play activity to take part in to choosing their lunch from a buffet style selection at lunchtime. The report stated “Children were included in the planning of the nursery day through circle time and ‘big book’ planning.

They were also given the opportunity to complete questionnaires with a mixture of pictorial and happy/sad faces which were easy for them to interpret and helped them to give their views on aspects of the nursery.”

Parents/carers also completed nursery questionnaires and their responses were used as part of the quality assurance process.

When surveyed parents of the children said they had confidence in the manager and staff and found them easy to speak to, they also mentioned that staff were very good at sharing information about their child.

Feedback from the parents was very positive about their children’s experience at the nursery, one parent sad “‘My son has attended the nursery for 3 years. I am very happy with the relationship between my son, staff and me. I can learn without worrying about my child. Nursery staff are excellent.”

The Care Commission noted the efforts the nursery made to get the children outside and encourage them to get active

“Children were given the opportunity to be outside on most days to get fresh air and exercise, and this was supplemented by the use of Sticky Kids tapes and other energetic games inside to help children’s physical development.

The newsletter had reminded parents to provide suitable clothing to allow children to be taken outside even in the cold weather. Children were seen to enjoy walking, running, skipping and hopping outside, as well as playing ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’.

In these activities they were well supported and encouraged by staff who joined in, provided challenge and allowed children to make choices and take the lead at suitable times. Staff also talked to children about the benefits of exercise and the effect on your body, such as getting your heart pumping faster.”

Wilma Winton, Nursery Manager said “I am really pleased with the overall grade of ‘5’ for the Quality Theme that the nursery received and with the excellent grade of ‘6’ for one of the quality statements.

The nursery has a dedicated team of staff who are always willing to participate in training and research materials that will improve the quality of care and support in the nursery.

This grade would not have been possible without their hard work and the feedback/support from the parents.