Good news for ‘Shire Council

Council services across Aberdeenshire continue to be delviered well within budget, Aberdeenshire Council have revealed.

In the budget monitoring to the end of July 2012, forecasts show that the council is forecast to underspend by just over £12 million,

against a budget of £536 million. More than half of the underspend is as a result of treasury management and money set aside to respond to Government initiatives that have not come forward as anticipated.

All staff have been encouraged to finding new and innovative ways to deliver services without an adverse impact on frontline services to customers.

The main reasons for the current forecast are preventative spending which is forecast to spend £1m compared to a budget of £4m; capital financing charges and interest payments which are less than anticipated; internal transport due to a reduction in leasing costs; delays in regeneration projects and reduced requirements for hired transport.

The council is also experiencing on-going difficulties to recruit across services, contributing to savings in salary

A report to Policy and Resources Committee will outline the position and ask councillors to move £2.5 million to the Capital Fund and £3 million to the Invest to Save Fund.

The remaining £6.5 million would remain with services at this

Council Leader, Cllr Jim Gifford said: “I am pleased to see that all areas of the council continue deliver services efficiently.

“We are not complacent about the job we have to do to support communities across Aberdeenshire, both now and in the future.

“We need to make sure we maintain good levels of services across Aberdeenshire, whilst ensuring we are prepared for the financial challenges

Councillors will consider the revenue budget at a meeting of Policy and Resources Committee today at Woodhill House, Aberdeen.