Graduation success for Suzanne

Suzanne Pirie on her graduation day
Suzanne Pirie on her graduation day

A New Aberdour woman is celebrating after graduating with an HND in Legal Services from North East Scotland College.

Suzanne Pirie said that her time at the college gave her a newfound confidence and ambition.

Having previously dropped out of another college after being diagnosed with Chron's disease, it took Suzanne until she was 32-years-old to decide to return to education.

The decision has paid off as it has set her life on a new path, having given her the confidence and capability to pursue a Law degree at the University of Aberdeen.

Suzanne said: "When I applied for my HND Legal Services I had no intention of going to university - I just wanted to become a bit more knowledgeable in law. But after the amazing support from the lecturers, I found the confidence to believe in myself and that I was capable of getting my HND,

"I passed the course with three As and even received a place at university to study a Law degree - something I never thought I would be able to achieve."

Suzanne travelled almost 90 miles each day she had classes and dedicated her free time to studying.

She is hoping to continue this hard work and dedication through her degree and diploma, and wants to work towards becoming a qualified solicitor.

Suzanne added: "I have learned that if you want something in life, as long as you put in the hard work, you can achieve it - even at my age. Things happen at specific times for a reason."