Grampian Police at Community Council

At this week’s Invercairn Communit Council meeting, Grampian Police was in attendance to give updates on local incidents and listen to local concerns.

Community councillors were told by the attending officer that it had been “quite quiet”in the village of late, with a few incidents involving fireworks, one case in which a firework was thrown at a house.

The officer also informed the community group that there had not been much of a problem with under-age drinkers in the village.

Community councillors, and the public, were again encouraged to report crimes to Grampian Police, the officer attending the meeting telling them that unless they do, the police will not know about the crime.

The community council then began to discuss the issue of dog fouling in the village.

Councillor Brian Topping said: “I think it’s all about consideration - it’s common sense.

“There are only two dog wardens who cover all of Aberdeeenshire. They can only react if folk are actually complaining about it.”

Efforts on speeding on Allochy Road were still ongoing.