Greenbank Avenue latest area to see dog fouling problem

Greenbank Avenue, Fraserburgh.
Greenbank Avenue, Fraserburgh.

A Fraserburgh resident has slammed dog owners who continue to allow their pets to foul near residential properties in the town’s Greenbank Avenue area.

The concerned resident contacted us after Fraserburgh Community Council previously headed a campaign to ensure people are aware that failure to pick up after their pets could result in a fine.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Over the past few weeks I have noticed the increase of dog fouling on the public pavements of Greenbank Avenue and the surrounding streets.

“I believe this to be an offence where fines can be enforced if caught fouling.

“I am a dog owner myself and actively pick up and dispose of my dog’s waste either in the dog bins provided in the area or my own wheelie bin at home.

“I find it a disgrace that other dog owners in the area cannot do the same and have the ignorance to think that it is acceptable to let their dog foul on the pavements where residents have to pass by.

“If the culprits do not have the correct bags to dispose of their dog waste, I would gladly provide them with my own,” he added.

A previous campaign which called for dog owners to ‘pick up or pay up’ targeted the Broadsea area of the town, with posters going up in the windows of private properties in the area.

We would like to know how you think these posters have been received. Have they seen an improvement in the town in regards to dog fouling? Call us on 01346 513900.