Group engourages take up of Pass Plus

Councillor Brian Topping encouraged drivers to do the course.
Councillor Brian Topping encouraged drivers to do the course.

Fraserburgh Community Safety Group held a special meeting meeting last Wednesday night at the Fraserburgh Leisure Centre.

The meeting, which saw young drivers as well as a driving instructor attend, was to encourage further take up of the Pass Plus driving initiative.

The scheme, which is supported by the safety group, allows newly passed drivers aged between 17 and 25-years-old to, within one year of passing their practical test, gain further experience with driving on motorways and long trips.

Drivers who had already sat the qualification successfully were thanked by the treasurer of the group, Ronnie McNab.

“We hope that your experience of the Pass Plus has been to your benefit,” he said.

Locals drivers sitting the Pass Plus can have some of the costs covered by the safety group.

Councillor Brian Topping, who chairs the safety group, hosted the meeting. He, after welcoming and thanking those who attended on the rain-hit evening, said: “The good news for yourselves is that we’re now giving grants of £150.

“What we would really like you to do is encourage any of your friends in the area to do it.”

Explaining the reasoning behind supporting the initiative, remarking that fatalities in the North-east of Scotland due to road collisions was amongst the highest in the country, it was also revealed that young drivers had also found that car insurance quotes could, potentially, be lower for those with the qualification.

“I found it very beneficial,” said one of the previous Pass Plus candidates.

“It made me feel more independent,” and “The Pass Plus didn’t affect my insurance the first year, but it did the year after,” were other comments to be made. One driver, at the meeting, revealed hat he had saved £360 on his insurance after sitting the Pass Plus.

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