Harsh winter weather won’t help Broch Roads

Fraserburgh roads could become a major problem for Aberdeenshire council if there is more harsh winter weather.

Roads such as Strichen Road, Alexandra Terrace and Witchhill place that have had substantial work done or needing done could deteriorate substantially causing problems for motorists and the council.

National breakdown service Autonational Rescue claims that the underfunded “cheap and cheerful” patching up of roads undertaking by many local authorities across the country is wholly inadequate.

Autonational’s marketing manager Ronan Hart says: “Britain’s roads haven’t really recovered from the damage done to them by several bad weather spells of recent winters and dangerous pot holes abound in our towns and cities.”

A spokeswoman for Aberdeenshire Council said: “We actively encourage the travelling public to make us aware of damaged sections of road.

“While we make every effort to repair potholes as quickly as possible, repairs are treated on a priority basis to ensure that we rectify the most serious ones first.

“If you are aware of a damaged section of road please call 08456 081205 to report the defect.”

Potholes found in Fraserburgh are spray painted to help highlight repairs. Potholes that are more than 50mm deep can be repaired in 24 hours when notified.