Council to consider Robertson Road space


Aberdeenshire Council are considering converting part of a Fraserburgh centre which helps adults with disabilities into office space.

The council will look to see if parts of the Robertson Road Resource Centre would be better utilised as offices for Health and Social Care teams.

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “There has been some work done to scope out if it is feasible to convert part of the building which isn’t currently used or is under used in to office accommodation for health and social care professionals.

“No decision has been taken but should it go ahead it would improve the use of a currently under used public resource and integrate services in a very positive way.”

One Fraserburgh and District Councillor sough assurances from the council that this would not lead to the closure of the Robertson Road Resource Centre.

Charles Buchan said: “I’m really pleased that there is no way that they’re going to close our centre.

“It will just be a better utilisation of space.”

The council is still in talks with staff and centre users at Robertson Road but if plans were to move forward then a formal consultation would take place.

Councillor Buchan said: “There will be a proper consultation and part of the consultation will be the development of even more programmes for users.”

These programmes help see centre users train and work with members of the public.