Counselling service for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Scotland
Prostate Cancer Scotland

Prostate Cancer UK and The Movember Foundation have joined forces with Relationships Scotland to offer free counselling services to anyone affected by the emotional impact of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment in Aberdeenshire.

The announcement coincides with Prostate Cancer UK launching the next phase of its Men United campaign, the movement for everyone who believes that men are worth fighting for, to help beat prostate cancer and keep friendships alive.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is predicted to become the most common cancer of all by 2030.

Although the disease can often be treated successfully if diagnosed early, treatments can result in temporary or permanent side effects ranging from incontinence, diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue and anxiety.

The new services have been developed in a bid to help men and their families through the emotional impact that can follow a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Craig Millar, Prostate Cancer UK Community Support Service Manager for Scotland, said:

“The impact of a prostate cancer diagnosis and the potential side effects of treatment can create all sorts of physical and emotional problems for men, including some that strike at the very heart of what they regard as central to their sense of being a man.

To book an appointment in any of the local centres please contact Relationships Scotland on 0845 119 2020.