Epilepsy campaign backed

North East MSP Alison McInnes has joined the search for the country’s best employers who support staff with epilepsy.

Mrs McInnes, who is the deputy convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s cross party group on epilepsy, is keen to discover if the country’s top Employer of the Year is going to be found in the North-east.

Commenting, Mrs McInnes said: “I’m happy to join the search for the country’s most supportive employers. They already go that extra mile to help an employee with epilepsy develop their skills and contribute fully to the organisation. Any workplace, small or large, can enter and the winning employer might be right here.”

Epilepsy Scotland chief executive Lesslie Young explained: “One person in 97 has epilepsy. Many will have good seizure control and epilepsy will not impact on their working life. But some may need additional support. So our award, which is unique in the UK, recognises employers who are leaders for their assistance. Often they don’t think they are doing anything special – but they are! We want to highlight their standards as an example for others to follow.”

Organisations can also apply for a best practice certificate. Every workplace following the Equality Act guidelines is eligible. Displaying this best practice certificate in the workplace shows everyone that employees with epilepsy are as valued as any other worker.

Both employers and employees can nominate their workplace for a best practice certificate anytime, and the Employer of the Year award by March 26.