Family fund raising for teenage son

Zachery in Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital in June 2013
Zachery in Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital in June 2013

A North East family are hosting a car boot on Sunday, October 11 to raise money for their teenage son who needs to have open heart surgery.

15-year-old Zachery Cates suffers from Truncus Arteriosus.

It is a rare type of heart disease that occurs at birth that results in too much blood flowing to the lungs which, over time, can cause breathing difficulties.

It affects five in 100,000 babies and is usually fatal within a year of birth if it isn’t treated.

Zacahery needs to be home schooled, as he is susceptible to illness and is particularly sensitive to cigarette smoke.

He had a truncal valve inserted at just 5 weeks old which will need replaced as he grows.

The Cotes family need to travel from their home in New Aberdour to Aberdeen and Glasgow for treatment and assessment, with cost only being covered by the NHS in an emergency.

As a result, they will be hosting a indoor car boot sale on the 11th at 2pm-430pm in the New Aberdour Village Hall on Elphin Street.

Zachery’s mother, Angela Cotes, can be contacted on 01346 561488 for more information.

The family have previously hosted fund raising events, and Angela has been moved by the response. “I am overwhelmed by the support from friends and family. We are all eternally grateful for the help we have been given.”

Zachery said: “We really appreciate all the help shown to our family in support of our fundraising, we couldn’t do it without you.”