First sod cut at new Crimond Medical Centre

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After a long time spent in the planning of the project, work is finally underway on the Crimond Medical Centre with the first sod being cut on Saturday by William McRobbie.

William bought the ‘spade’, which came with the privilege of cutting the first sod, at the Masquerade Ball recently held at the Tufted Duck Hotel in aid of funds for the Crimond Surgery.

Accompanying him and his wife Margaret on Saturday were his six grandchildren - Jane-Marie Christie, Kayleigh-Anne Christie, Nikki Kewley, Amy Kewley, Emma Mesko and four-and-a-half month old Adam Mesko.

William said that he bought the spade for his grandchildren so that they will always have a real connection with the new medical centre.

And waiting with a digger ready to start work on the major ground clearing was Crimond man Ally Smith of Lovie Construction.

The project is being undertaken by the Crimond Charitable Trust with support already pledged from several local businesses and organisations, and the cost being underwritten by the Score Group.

The medical centre will serve the parishes of Crimond, St Fergus, Rathen and Lonmay, and the villages of St Combs, Inverallochy and Cairnbulg.

A spokesperson said: “It will accommodate not only the medical practice but also a pharmacy, dental practice, community café, physiotherapy facilities and a fitness suite which will be available for post –surgical rehabilitation as well as general leisure and fitness activity.”

Further details and a full prospectus may be obtained from Crimond Charitable Trust secretary Dave Matson on 01779 482327 or at