Fraserburgh Hospital set to go smoke-free

Fraserburgh Hospital.
Fraserburgh Hospital.

Fraserburgh Hospital is to become an NHS Grampian designated smoke-free zone from October 1.

This means no-one will be allowed to smoke - including e-cigarettes - anywhere on site at the hospital’s premises, including all external areas.

The developments follows Turriff Hospital and Chalmers Hospital grounds becoming completely smoke-free zones this year, and anticipate the national plans that all hospital grounds in Scotland will be smoke-free by March 2015.

Staff at Fraserburgh Hospital will have the opportunity to direct patients and visitors to smoking cessation and tobacco replacement products and, under the smoke-free scheme, inpatients will be offered products to help them stop smoking or at least deal with cravings while in hospital.

Posters and leaflets announcing that the hospital is to go smoke-free are being circulated throughout Fraserburgh. The blue posters and leaflets, branded ‘We care about your fresh air’, promote the need to curb the exposure to second hand smoke.

To support this scheme, if you are visiting a friend or relative in a hospital, you will not be allowed to smoke anywhere in the hospital building, or in the grounds. Plan your visit to the hospital by bringing a nicotine replacement product, such as gum or a patch, to help reduce cravings.

For advice on which nicotine replacement product is right for you, ask your pharmacist or contact the NHS Grampian smoking advice service on 0500 600 332 about quitting.

NHS Grampian Public Health Coordinator George Rutten said: “People are increasingly aware that smoking is a major cause of preventable ill health and premature death in Scotland and Grampian.

“Creating smoke-free health care sites is one way for NHS Grampian to promote good health and wellbeing, and set an example.”