Pregnant mums encouraged to look after savings and health

A bus campaign has been launched aimed at helping pregnant smokers stop smoking and save money, following recent news that raising a child can cost up to £148,000 or £160 a week.

Kevin Leslie, Smoking Advice Service Co-ordinator for NHS Grampian, said: “Raising a child is a very expensive time and, with the average price of twenty cigarettes costing £7.98, one person quitting could save £56 a week.

If both partners ‘stop and save’ then this could add up to £112 a week − a valuable contribution to the £160 a week it could cost to raise a child.

“We know lots of smokers would like to stop, but they don’t know where to get that vital offer of help. By joining the stop smoking scheme with their local community pharmacy, or fellow stoppers with the Smoking Advice Service, mums and dads to be will qualify for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy and will receive all the help they need to stay stopped.

“The NHS Grampian Smoking Advice Service helped over 5,000 smokers to quit in 2012 and all its services are free.

“All our advisors are specially trained to offer you the support you need. We don’t nag or moan and no-one will judge you or try to scare you into stopping. You’re four times more likely to stop smoking with the right products and the help of one of our trained advisors.

“If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, stopping smoking is the best thing you and your partner can do for you and your baby. Stopping smoking improves fertility and there will be less risk of pregnancy related illness and complications. Even if you’ve already had your baby, it’s not too late to ‘stop and save’.”

The “Stop and save” message will be shown on Stagecoach and First buses throughout the north east during September.

Smokers who want to stop are being urged to speak to their local pharmacist, visit the NHS Grampian website at www.nhsgrampian/sas, or call the Smoking Advice Service free of charge on 0500 600 332 .