Pregnant Puase awareness events

Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (ADP) are holding special awareness events about the dangers of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the importance of a “pregnant pause”, on Monday, (September 9).

Alcohol can cause damage to an unborn baby at all stages of pregnancy and FASD is a term used to describe a variety of neurological, behavioural and learning difficulties that an infant exposed to alcohol during pregnancy can develop.

Angela McKinnon, chair of the ADP Family and Children’s tactical group, explains: “This condition is 100% preventable and 100% irreversible, so on the 9th day of the 9th month, on National FASD Awareness day, we are holding two awareness events,”

The FASD events will both be held between noon and 2pm − one at Asda in Portlethen and one in the new Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre

Staff from NHS Grampian and third sector organisations will be among those on hand to discuss the issue and how to prevent it, offer advice and information.

Advice will include leaflets about the need to have a “pregnant pause” from alcohol for the whole duration of a pregnancy, and how partners, families and friends can help and support pregnant women in this.

The ADP is also providing tasty, non- alcoholic “mocktails” for visitors to try.

Aberdeenshire ADP have a vision of a healthier, happier and safer Aberdeenshire, free from harm due to alcohol and other drugs.

“We have identified three themes of Prevention, Protection and Recovery and as part of the prevention theme, we are raising awareness of the potential harm that drinking alcohol in pregnancy can cause, and encourage people in Portlethen and Fraserburgh, especially those who are planning for a child, or in the early stages of pregnancy, or close to those who are, to come along on Monday,” said Angela.