Smoke free campaign

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Fraserburgh Health and Wellbeing Group in partnership with the NHS and Grampian Fire and Rescue Service are starting a campaign on Tuesday to eliminate smoking from the home and in cars.

Health Co-ordinators from the NHS approached the Fraserburgh Health and Wellbeing Group who went out and asked the community through focus groups about how they felt about the project.

Many agreed through the focus groups that this was a worthy campaign to pursue and the Health group decided to promote the cause through a year long campaign which will start on Tuesday.

NHS Health Coordinator Fiona Murray said: “We are encouraging people to make homes and cars smoke free, not just for the benefit for themselves but for those who also travel and live with them.

“We decided this was a good campaign to start after research showed that smoking in the home and/or the car can have a impact on children who suffer from the second hand smoke.

“Children cannot remove themselves from a car or their home and so it is up to the smoker to look at changing that environment.

“We are really hoping that this campaign will encourage people to look at their options and can find support at the local health point.”

Local volunteers are conducting a local survey which will take place in local shops and businesses around the Broch.

Some local places have agreed to put on displays with information including the Co-op and the Factory Shop.

The volunteers will be distributing leaflets around homes and Grampian Fire and Rescue Service will also distribute leaflets with information on home safety visits.

The groups involved in the campaign hope to have information on buses, bus shelters and phone boxes throughout the year.

Further information and advice can be accessed at the Health point at 56E High Street, Fraserburgh.