Help is at hand thanks to Smart Recovery Group

Help is at hand locally for people who are thinking about changing their alcohol or drug use or are worried about the alcohol or drug use of someone close.

The Smart Recovery Group is a peer-led, non-profit, free self help group for people seeking independence from addictions. The group meets in Fraserburgh’s United Reformed Church Hall every Tuesday at 2pm and also has meetings in Banff and Peterhead.

Providing a four-point programme that enhances and maintains motivation to abstain, Smart Recovery helps individuals cope with urges, problem solving and life style balance enabling many to break – free from addictive behaviour for the first time in years.

One of the group facilitators told the Herald: “Addictive behaviour can serve a purpose – to cope with life’s problems and emotional upsets. However, these coping mechanism, like increased alcohol consumption, drug use, over eating, gambling and other forms of excesses can lead to greater problems.

“To help reverse these self destructive behaviours we use cognitive behavioural psychotherapy called REBT, a system devised by Albert Ellis in the 1950’s.

“We are not concerned with the past except to learn from it. We focus on the present day events and causes of self destructive behaviours and concentrate on what to do about them in order to achieve a positive lifestyle change.” she said

Smart Recovery meetings have a straightforward and organised format, group leaders are trained for the job with some having personal experience of addictions.

For more information, contact 07983701929 or log on to