Herald gives readers their say on signs

The Fraserburgh Herald asked readers for their thoughts on the town’s new ‘no drinking’ signs, expected to be in place in the coming weeks.

The signs were revealed at the August meeting of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee.

It was also revealed that Fraserburgh Community Safety Group would be providing some financial backing to see the signs become a reality.

Readers of the Fraserburgh Herald, meanwhile, expressed their thoughts online.

Shaun Ritchie declared his views about the signs, which will be erected throughout targeted areas of the town, by saying “Doubt anybody will notice

Similarly, Lauren Kilpatrick said: “Won’t make a difference!”

Reader Jodie Summers added to the discussion by posting: “Can’t see it making much of a difference and down Broadsea was really bad over the summer, made you wary of walking down there and the mess with broken bottles was a disgrace! Think they need to be thinking of ways to improve the town that people will get the benefit of instead of putting up stickers that no one will pay attention to anyway.”

Ms Kilpatrick added to Ms Summers’ comment by saying it was intimidating to walk past on-street drinkers in that area of the town, asking “where’s the police when they are doing that all the time?”

Stephanie Twycross Ritchie said: “5pm onwards there is always a bunch of folk sitting boozing it up in the middle of the Broadgate. Every single day. And no one looks twice at them. Not sure what difference a sticker would make.”

“What next? Stickers saying ‘no swearing’ or ‘no standing about in large groups after 5pm’? Come on! Do they honestly think that a ‘no drinking’ sticker is going to make a difference. It will be as effective as a hand-break on a canoe,” wrote reader Charlie McDonald.

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