Heritage Centre get funding to fix roof

Cllr. Ian Tait outside the Heritage Centre with volunteers Robert Watt, Benny Noble & Alan Bowman.
Cllr. Ian Tait outside the Heritage Centre with volunteers Robert Watt, Benny Noble & Alan Bowman.

Aberdeenshire Council has pledged a five figure sum to the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre to help repair the buildings leaking roof.

The building, on Quarry Road, has suffered damage due to the leaks which were first noticed around eight years ago.

Staff began to fear for the condition of the displays as well as health and safety issues before the council stepped in.

The Centre is let to Fraserburgh Heritage Society on a lease and is granted to the Society on full repairing terms which means that all repairs are the Society’s responsibility.

However, the council has agreed to fund repairs to the roof of the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre as an exception to the terms of the lease.

Fraserburgh and District Ward Councillor Ian Tait was at the fore front of securing the funding.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, the Independent Councillor said: “I am delighted the council has now agreed to provide £10,000 to do this.

“The poor state of the roof was allowing water ingress to occur. This was beginning to look like it could be damaging to the artefacts in the Centre and I therefore took the matter up with the council’s Property department.

“They recognised the problem and took action to remedy it.

“For me , fraserburgh Heritage Centre is a vital partner in our efforts to regenerate our local economy to protect jobs and create new ones by drawing visitors in.

“It also provides an valuable, interesting and educational experience telling the story of our local area’s Heritage and already draws visitors into town and has the capacity to do more.”

A spokesperson for Fraserburgh Heritage Society added: “We are very grateful to Councillor Tait and to the Area Committee.

“It’s a relief really as it was beginning to look like the leakage could have been detrimental to the displays.

“There were also a lot of concerns surrounding the electric and the wet floors.”