Heroes are pride of the Broch

Fraserburgh Lifeboat Coxswain Victor Sutherland.
Fraserburgh Lifeboat Coxswain Victor Sutherland.

Fraserburgh will be the toast of this years The Pride of Aberdeen Awards with two of the three finalists hailing from The Broch.

The lifeboat crew of Fraserburgh RNLI and trawler chef turned lifesaver Charlie McDonald have both been nominated for the honour of the Search and Rescue Award.

Victor Sutherland, Fraserburgh RNLI’s coxswain and mechanic, said: “It has come like a bolt out of the blue.

“The fact that two locals have been recognised is a good boost for the Broch, it’s good to see something positive.”

The RNLI, which consists of Victor as the only full-time member of staff and 27 volunteer crew, are being honoured after rescuing 14 people last year and saving two lives.

On the 9th July 2014 the lifeboat crew saved two young children from drowning off Tiger Hill beach.

Victor said: “There’s nobody signing up to the lifeboats for the recognition, they just want to be part of something good.

But it is overwhelming that we have been nominated for The Pride of Aberdeen and it is something for the community to be proud of.”

The second Broch nominee Charlie McDonald has been chosen after saving two lives at sea.

The first time was in 2001 when Charlie selflessly dived into the North Sea to save fellow ship mate Martin Bruce.

Charlie second act of heroism came on the 13th June 2015 when his quick thinking saved the life of Paul Buchan after a tragic accident had severed his leg.

Such was Charlie’s act of heroism that Victor had already voted for him to recieve The Pride of Aberdeen before he found out that he and his crew were also up for the award.

Victor said: “I seen a vote for Charlie on Facebook and voted for him unaware that we were nominated as well.”

He added: “I just want to say thank you to whoever nominated us and to everyone that has voted too get us in the final three.

“Thanks for all the support for us and for Charlie McDonald, good on him.”