Homes always required for loving boxers

Looking for a home: Chester.
Looking for a home: Chester.
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A BUCHAN dog lover is appealing to families to open their hearts to a bouncing boxer in need of a home.

Lorraine Cumming (56), has always been a fan of the breed, and with three of her own she decided that she wanted to help re-home boxers nationwide.

Cancer survivor: The cahrity will continue to pay for Levi's medical care.

Cancer survivor: The cahrity will continue to pay for Levi's medical care.

Setting up charity Boxer Welfare Scotland in 2005, Lorraine and her husband James (56), work tirelessly from their Longhaven home to ensure unwanted and abandoned boxers are cared for and, ultimately, re-homed.

The couple receive around 40 calls a day from all over Scotland, including the SSPCA, about boxers who are neglected or abandoned.

Lorraine says that people are forced to give up their boxers for many reasons.

She said: “People think ‘how could you leave your dog?’ but it’s a really hard decision to make. It’s often the last thing people want to do. Some dogs come to us because their owners have moved abroad, or a relationship has broken down or, in some cases, the owner has died.”

After his owner died recently, nine-year-old Brodie lay next to the body for three days before he was found.

One-year-old Alfie, meanwhile, suffers from epilepsy and needs special care, but handlers say he is affectionate and loving despite the struggles he has faced in his short life.

The charity also receives dogs from breeders when they have become to old to breed.

Upon receiving a call, Lorraine contacts boarding kennels nearest to the dog and sends one of her 60 volunteers to check on the animal’s welfare.

The charity pays for the animal to be seen by a vet, spayed or castrated and micro chipped.

Lorraine, who is trained in canine bahaviour and psychology, said: “It can cost up to £500 to take a dog. We put them into kennels - never a pound - until a permanent loving home can be found. We are welfare rather than rescue. We also offer advice on boxer care.”

Boxer Welfare receives no funding and relies on fund-raising and donations.

The charity encourages boxer lovers to ‘Sponsor a Kennel’ to help raise money for the dogs’ care. Call 01224 515101 or visit to donate or adopt a boxer.