Homework Club for parents and children

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We all want to see our children do well in school. Establishing a good routine of doing the homework on time and to a good standard is important. Sometimes it is easier said then done.

Eight family learning sessions started at Broch Community Centre on Monday February 7. “Keeping up with kids – Homework” is a pilot, designed for parents that would like to improve their skills in supporting their children to complete their homework’s on time and to a good standard.

On Mondays, pick up your child from school and come to the community centre from 3:30 – 4:45. Supported by CSN, we will offer a healthy snack to parents and children so they don’t learn “on empty”.

Volunteer tutors, with a wealth of teaching experience and CLD worker will provide support to parents and children to complete the week’s homework. Access to computers is available. Different ways of using the Web to find the information you need to help your child do well in school will be explored.

The team hopes to support parents in developing valuable skills so that the homework time becomes a voluble family time. Sessions are free. They are open to all parents and children in P1-P4. All you need to do is come with your child and the school given homework to the Monday sessions. Older siblings may be able to join.

If you would like to benefit out of this opportunity please call Broch Community Centre and speak to member of CLD team, or ask for Lada, and book a place.