In search of Buchan’s secret wartime units

A model operational bunker.
A model operational bunker.

Researchers are seeking help in building up a picture of secret wartime auxiliary units based in Buchan.

They are appealing for information on the British Resistance Organisation patrols during World War 11.

The Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART), the group behind the British Resistance Archive, want to hear from people in and around Fraserburgh to establish if there any remaining veterans, or relatives who could provide background.

The units were formed by highly-trained volunteers who were either too old or too young to be called up, or in reserved occupations.

They were chosen because of their intimate knowledge of their surrounding areas and were often farmers, gamekeepers or poachers.

In an invasion they were to go directly to their operational bases hidden underground in the countryside, without letting anyone know where they were going or their mission - not even close family and friends.

CART’s Aberdeenshire county information officer, Alan Stewart, said the local units that have been identified are in Fraserburgh, Rora, New Pitsligo, St Fergus, Mintlaw, Peterhead and Old Deer.

He added that the Fraserburgh patrol comprised A Forbes, F Hendry, R and L McDonald, A Mclennan, A Murison and A Williamson. The patrols had group commanders Lieutenant J Low and 2nd Lieutenant Forbes.

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