Initial filming shot for road-race movie

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Principal photography has been completed in Fraserburgh on local director Scott Graham’s new film.

‘We Don’t Talk About Love’ is a love story played out over one race-fuelled night where a man must reconcile his desire to run with his need to love.

Written and directed by Scott, the movie has been filmed in his native Broch and features the fast-rising star of Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mark Stanley.

Scott said: “Fraserburgh is a town where teenagers come of age through racing cars.

“Racing offers a nightly illusion of freedom while falling in love and pregnant behind the wheel means many of them never leave. Our protagonist, a former boyracer who married his first love and took a job in one of the fish factories, now has a 17 year-old- son of his own following in his footsteps and can no longer ignore the fact he’s going nowhere. Unable to be physically or emotionally present with his family, he takes his son’s car out for one final joy ride and risks losing the love that surrounds him.”

The film has been funded by the BFI and Creative Scotland with National Lottery funding and BBC Films.