Invercairn Community Council holds AGM

Invercairn welcome signs.
Invercairn welcome signs.

Invercairn Community Councillors held its Annual General Meeting alongside the usual monthly meeting earlier this week.

Following apologies and minutes, George Ritchie gave a brief chair’s report in which he praised the community council’s efforts to build a memorial in the village.

David Gammack delivered the secretary’s report and, following a short treasurer’s report, the new office-bearers for the coming session were elected as follows:

Chair: Billy Gow; Vice-chair: Margaret Tait; Secretary: David Gammack; and Treasurer: Brenda Jappy.

After the AGM, the community council held its ordinary monthly meeting under new chairman Billy Gow.

Councillor Brian Topping thanked George Ritchie for his hard work during his time as chair and also thanked the committee for their work.

Following the police report and the councillors’ report, the meeting moved to matters arising. Among the issues raised was the attendance of councillors at community council meetings and the intractable issue of erecting a bridge at the Waters of Philorth.

Secretary David Gammack said the community council had written to the Feuars Managers but they had replied saying none would be able to attend the meeting, Mr Gammack then reading out the Feuars Managers’ reply.

Community councillor Bob Stephen said Aberdeenshire Council had been overruled by the Scottish Government on the issue, while former chair George Ritchie called on Fraserburgh Community Council to support its counterpart in Invercairn over the issue.

The naming of streets in Invercairn was also highlighted at the meeting. Cllr Topping advised that the community council should be consulted about any new street names and that housing developers could also put forward suggestions.